Keystage 3&4

At KS 3 and 4 we offer:

  • Assemblies on Christian themes such as faith, giving and forgiveness.
  • We offer RE lessons on themes to enhance the curriculum. In addition, older students enjoy a session of ‘Grill a Christian’ where they can ask a Christian questions about their life and faith. No question is considered too hostile or too difficult – although we reserve the right to say ‘I don’t know’!
  • Prayer Spaces have also been successfully used at KS3 to support children’s SMSC education.
  • Self Esteem groups. Using specially written materials, our workers can deliver Self Esteem sessions to small groups of KS3 students who the school identifies as having a need for such support.
  • ‘Christian Unions’ – we offer help and support.
  • Our trained workers offer a limited number of one-to-one mentoring sessions each week in partnership with the school’s pastoral team.